ETERN-IA by Watdafac Toys.


When all this AI stuff came out, my head was a puzzle seeing what the new wave of “toy makers” were doing with Artificial Intelligence but now I can’t stand it. Super saturation of good looking toys, too many, many and very hackneyed already. Everything is very fast and tiring. Sick and overwhelming.

This Skeletor head has been hanging around the studio since 2020, since my friend Shippai64 and I thought about a boring project that now makes no sense. Therefore, between commissions I have tried to make a piece that resembles what people did IN THE BEGINNING with AI.

This is not AI generated, it’s real, it’s Skeletor, dammit! And also, it sucks.

Still, the dolls I have generated with Midjourney are amazing but no one will ever see them. I’m an impostor and I also have a great time with this new tool as a game or hobby. It’s fun AND THAT’S IT.

Up with Artisanal Intelligence! (I freaked out).

· 14 cm
· Polymer resin
· Hand painted
· Limited edition of 5
· Stand included!

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