Waka Doom

This is the secret untold story of the Star Wars ©, the myth of the Ewokies, the race that sacrificed their future to become Cyborg-Warrios and who fought against the dawn of evil, a last desperate line of defense against total darkness. Though hopelessly outnumbered, these spaceknights triumphed and persued the remnants of humanity across the Universe. Now, alone in the Enemy´s mightiest stronghold, one Ewokie warrior faces its most awesome challenge. Team-up with Waka Doom and become a living legend…

The revolution lays now on your own shoulders!.


Epoxie resin, scourer, random metal pieces, Apoxie sculpt, acrylic, bleached fabric, REAL fox bone, different kind of ropes, a plastic glow-in-the-dark skeleton, synthetic fur, black and read thread…etc.


37 x 20 cm


1 copy


Taken from “The secret and and untold story of the real Star Wars”


Based on Chewbacca, character created by George Lucas in 1977


Baby Hulk