This might sound corny but this is our first 100% Watdafac´s original collectible⁣, and we feel like slippery serpents whose eyes flash with all the colors of the rainbow prism.

With all the dispair that surrounds us, contradictions, oppression, mass information, injustice, rage, violence, corruption, frustration, rape, massive poverty, pollution madness, saturation, mind mutilation, pandemics, climate madness, personal failure, weakness, ignorance, lies, wars… and worst of all, INDIFFERENCE, human race is most likely to disappear once and for all (also well deserved, to be honest).

“FLIPAS” (a Spanish slang word for “freak out” or a classic “what the fuck!”) is a direct warning to stop and think for a moment, a call for help to reach in the inner you and a tool to avoid bad thoughts swarm over you like pirates taking a prize.

Dont feel like doing pi-pi in the flat desert. YOU ARE NOT ALONE!


It is time to step out from this world into a beautiful garden and that garden is YOU.

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